The “Housing for People – Not Profit” Campaign is demanding the immediate mass construction of social housing and rent roll-backs across the Province, but this is only the beginning! We need comprehensive provincial housing policies that put people before profit. This would include:

  • Recognize housing as a human right and introduce a Tenant Bill of Rights and provincial housing program to ensure adequate housing based on need is provided to all.
  • Build 200,000 units of affordable (“rent-geared-to-income”) social housing units immediately, 550,000 units of affordable housing, 15,000 units of transitional housing, and maintain levels of affordable housing based on need.
  • Upgrade and maintain existing units so that they are safe, secure, affordable, accessible and environmentally sound.
  • Implement democratic and sustainable planning to tackle issues of urban sprawl and environmental degradation.
  • Enact rent control legislation to cover all rental units, including vacant units, and legislate rent roll-backs across Ontario to ensure no one has to pay more than 20% of income on rent.
  • Deliver proper building inspections for rental housing, and enforce penalties for landlords who do not meet standards; make bed bugs a public health issue; introduce maximum temperatures into the Property Standards Act.
  • Ban evictions or utility cut-off due to involuntary unemployment including layoff, health issues, strike or lockout.
  • Develop expropriation policies to ensure adequate rent-geared-to-income housing stock.